Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big Day for Wynnster

Wynnie did great with his complete paralysis they did all day yesterday and overnight. That gave his lungs a chance to get slightly better according to the chest X-rays this morning. Being that he was able to rest for 24 hours, they want to move him forward by removing the paralytic meds and allowing him to breathe with the vent.

Dr Dhar told me that Wynnie is very independent and a strong headed little boy so I would need to "have a talk" with him to make sure he cooperates with the game plan today. As she told me this the nurse was instructed to put his arms in restraints since the last time he was awake he was trying to take the vent and Iv's out. Poor little guy!!

He looks cute as can be and I'm hopeful that today will be a good day. Ben and Alex have been asking to do prayers with me for Wynnie and it's so nice to see how protective they are of him. While Viktoria was watching Dori at home yesterday she said that Dori kept on calling out for "ninee" (Wynnie). Chris's parents remain busy with all the homework, laundry and sports practices the boys have so we are lucky to have such a great network of helpers.

Go Wynnie Go!!


  1. Johnson's ~ He is looking really good! And the Lord has blessed you with 4 strong willed boys. And I am sure Dave and Gerry are being the best grandparents EVER! We'll keep the prayers coming!

    Love you

  2. Just sending you all the strength I can... Asking Boo to watch over you all as well . big hugs