Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day #2 of Good Things

Dorian enjoying the good life on a picnic with Viktoria.  He keeps calling out for Wynnie... just waiting for his partner in crime to come back. 

Wynnie's sweet little hand

Miss Shirley, Wynnie's auditory therapist at school took this picture of him just a few days before he got sick.  It's his new fancy chair for his classroom!  Isn't he handsome?

For the past two days Wynnie has been off the paralytic meds and has been breathing fairly well with the help of the vent.  He hasn't been fighting the vent, gagging nor excessively coughing like he was Saturday and Sunday.  His chest x-rays this morning seem slightly better and overall the doctors are all saying that he is making a positive turn in the right direction.  

Your prayers are working!  I'm never amazed at the miracles God works in our family and we are so proud of Wynnie's fighting spirit!  Keep your prayers coming... soon enough we'll get him kicked out of that ICU and home in no time!  

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