Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 7 of RSV Rollercoaster

It's St Patricks Day so we need the luck of the Irish to be on Wynnie's side as he is on his 7th day in the ICU battling through it. He has really made us so proud of his fighting spirit. He's had episodes of respiratory distress and some days have been worse than others but over the past week his condition hasn't majorly improved. Overall his pneumonia that was concentrated in his right lung has now migrated over to his left lung. He gets into his worse bouts of respiratory distress when he attempts to cough out his congestion. Wynnie has been constipated for nearly a week and a half so they are doing enemas, suppositories and all kinds of stuff to help him have a bowel movement. All the impacted poo is pushing his bowels up into his lungs therefore making breathing a struggle.

Dr Cindy Darnell is the main doctor that is heading up his plan of care. She is optimistic that Wynnie will pull through this, but it will just take some time. RSV hits like a bell curve and Dori came in when he was already getting better. Wynnie conversely hasn't peaked so it may get worse before he can start to get better. So my non-update updates I give to friends and family may not seem like he's getting better just yet but we are just praying for patience and for his recovering to be in line with God's divine planning, not ours. Pretty hard to do when both his parents are very type A :).

Dori on the other hand is happily back at home since yesterday afternoon. After spending the day with my sister at the hospital we were greeted back at home with Chris leading the boys to a dance off. Chris's parents had front row viewing so I think they were entertained. So we are just praying that we can host another dance off soon to welcome Wynnie back home!!

My Sunday school class made Wynnie an angel that says "God loves you!" with all their names on it. They wanted to see what he looked like and they all smiled and said he was cute when I showed them pictures of him all happy ad smiling from my iPhone. Today all the Sunday school kids made a king crowns and decorated them. I made one for Wynnie so that anyone that comes to his room knows that he is an anointed child of God and his is the little prince of our family. Go Wynnie!!


  1. Keeping Wynnie and his family in prayer!!
    (((hugs))) Grammy to Amber and Charlie

  2. Oh man are the extended ICU stays the total and absolute worst!

    BIG, BIGGER, and BIGGEST hugs from Gabrielle and the Ross family. We're all praying for Wynnie's recovery.