Monday, March 18, 2013


We are so touched by the outpouring of prayers, well wishes, and kind words from our extended network of friends and family. It has reinforced what we already know-- that Dori and Wynnie are living out God's purpose for their lives. I believe that is to bring joy and love to all that know them, and to remind us how precious the gift of life truly is.

Yesterday a person who I did not know came directly to Wynnie's room to visit while I was here with him. Although we are deeply touched that Dori and Wynnie have many supporters from their school and are loved by people who Chris and I don't even know--- we ask that unless you have been cleared by either myself or my husband to visit Wynnie, please respect our privacy and understand the delicate condition that Wynnie is in and please do not come and bypass the ICU protocol to see him.

Nothing gives us more joy than to know the babies are so well loved!! Your prayers will continue to be our greatest source of strength for Wynnie and our entire family! Dori can't wait to have his partner in crime back home :)

Thanks for understanding!

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