Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Nitric Oxide Happy Hour

I didn't update yesterday because we were waiting to see how Wynnie would do with being administered nitric oxide. Late Wednesday night through lunch time Thursday he took a bad turn and his chest X-rays looked like his lungs were very cloudy with alot of fluid. He was once again fighting the vent during that turbulent time, so the doctors started the nitric oxide treatment in his vent and adjusted his sedation meds. (not to be mistaken for nitrous oxide aka laughing gas... Although watching Wynnie laugh again would be so awesome!!)

Thankfully all that tweaking has proven successful and he has been doing well and sleeping calmly ever since. The past two X-rays taken since the tweaks have shown nice improvement in his lungs beginning to clear up and with better air movement. Thank you sweet baby Jesus!!!

I suppose Wynnie didn't want us to take his recovery for granted so he just wanted to test us a little before resuming his mission to get better. That little Stinker!! Chris and I spent the day together here at the hospital and Wynnie helped him do his March Madness research and numbers crunching.

Dori has a big day today!!! This afternoon he FINALLY gets his motorized chair delivered to the house. Get ready for another loud video of him driving all over the house. We're so excited!!

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